Gaming input methods for Molecular Visualization

Prerequisite: Logitech® Gaming Software-5.10 and ControlMK-0.232

We used a gamepad from Logitech®, Rumble Gamepad F510, for Molecular Visualisation testing. We found that navigating with the gamepad is more efficient than with a keyboard and a mouse. However, it is less efficient with tasks like labeling and refining structures. For the settings, Coot, PyMOL and Jmol do not have a devoted functionality to support a gamepad. Instead, the user can map keyboard functionalities onto the gamepad controls using additional software. Proteopedia is implemented with Jmol and hence users can visualize biomolecules with a gamepad from their web browsers.

Initially, the gamepad driver must be installed. Then, we used the program ControlMK for the mapping task because it does not require any programming knowledge and it is compatible with the Windows operating system. After installing the ControlMK program, the program will show the detected gamepad in the Controllers Found pull down menu. Select the gamepad from the Active Controllers pull down menu and then click on the “>” button next to the Profiles pull down menu. Choose Add to create a new profile. The mapping table will appear under the Profiles pull down menu. Enter the setting options for ControlMK as provided in Table S2 into a profile. Then, click on the Save button to save the settings. It should be noted that the setting options provided in Table below are for controlling WinCoot, but most of the buttons in this profile can be applied to other molecular viewers as well. In the Joysticks Settings panel, the ‘Max Value’ option can be set to control the speed of the gamepad axis buttons. We recommend setting the value to within the range between 3 and 10. We found that the speed of 10 is suitable for navigating the model. However, if the user wants to select an atom or a button from the WinCoot panel, we found that the speed of 3 is more controllable.

ControlMK setting for Molecular Visualization

ControlMK pull down options to put on game pad settings for PyMOL, Coot, and Jmol.

Source: Tanramluk D, Akavipat R, Charoensawan V, Toward mobile 3D visualization for structural biologists. Mol. BioSyst., 2013, 9 (12), 2956 – 2960.


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