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Gaming input methods for Molecular Visualization

Prerequisite: Logitech® Gaming Software-5.10 and ControlMK-0.232 We used a gamepad from Logitech®, Rumble Gamepad F510, for Molecular Visualisation testing. We found that navigating with the gamepad is more efficient than with a keyboard and a mouse. However, it is less … Continue reading

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Making quick 3D movies with PyMOL

We demonstrate how to obtain simple 3D movies of molecules by picturing at different molecular orientations. First of all, open the PyMOL Zalman® 3D program, and then open the .pdb file, or .pse file containing your molecule of interest. After … Continue reading

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Biomolecular visualization software settings for glasses free 3D laptop

Autostereoscopic laptop prerequisites In order to enable the 3D molecular visualization software, the following tools need to be installed on Windows 7 operating systems. 1.Qosmio F750 (3D model) Win7 64bit: nVidia Display Driver update Version 2.Qosmio F750 (3D model) … Continue reading

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On the origins of enzyme inhibitor selectivity and promiscuity

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Pymol and Coot 3D stereo on Qosmio F750 Laptop

I successfully use both Pymol and Coot 3D stereo on Qosmio through Zalman stereo option. Toshiba Qosmio F750 can support 3D stereo viewing on Coot and Pymol without the need to use 3D glasses. If you own Qosmio F750, you … Continue reading

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Making Zalman 3D stereoscopic movie with Pymol

A crash course how to make a 3D-molecular movie. I am using Zalman ZM-M240W monitor with NVIDIA Quadro FX580 graphic card. You need the Zalman monitor and polarized glasses to see the 3D stereo. Only PyMOL 1.3 and any .png … Continue reading

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