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Pymol and Coot 3D stereo on Qosmio F750 Laptop

I successfully use both Pymol and Coot 3D stereo on Qosmio through Zalman stereo option. Toshiba Qosmio F750 can support 3D stereo viewing on Coot and Pymol without the need to use 3D glasses. If you own Qosmio F750, you … Continue reading

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Making Zalman 3D stereoscopic movie with Pymol

A crash course how to make a 3D-molecular movie. I am using Zalman ZM-M240W monitor with NVIDIA Quadro FX580 graphic card. You need the Zalman monitor and polarized glasses to see the 3D stereo. Only PyMOL 1.3 and any .png … Continue reading

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